Here Comes Muffin!!

I am a dog... surprised?

Monday, April 06, 2009

Doggie Run


Muffy so tired... the reason becoz Papa and Mama brought me to a dog run yesterday. They called it a Class 95 Dog run....

When Muffy reach there I saw so many friends... big friend, schmall friend, angwy friend, happy friend, shy friend.... Papa said got about 1000 dogs went yesterday... Muffy was so happy.

We que up to get Muffy registered for the dog walk... and my doggie gawd there are soooo many doggies around trying to sniff each other backside and smell them... Muffy also do a lot of sniffing also....

papa told me Uncle terrence and aunty camemeara (Dunno how to spell her name) was there with Jamie *Grrr* and Mitchell also...

Then suddenly I saw a female dog that look just like me!! Papa say she might be my sister... wait... sister? I got a sister? Her name is Niuniu Papa took a photo of both of us.... later I get papa to post it up...

Niuniu told me she also 5 years old.. and has the same colour as me.... Muffy never knew got a sister... maybe we try to find my brother and sister later...

After half an hour walk, we finally finished and Muffy was panting like I have no more breath... I was so tired after the walk and fell asleep the rest of the day.... I wonder if every week can do like that...

ysawwnnnssmss... Muffy go back to sleep. tomorrow post niuniu photo. zzzz......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


ever since koh koh Rhys is born, papa and mama is busy taking care of him. Which means that they have less time for poor Muffy... *Whine*

luckily kor kor only comes back to papa's house only on Fwiday nite and going back to por por's place on Sunday night. When he is home, my poor muffy ears very painful... not because he pull my ear. It's because he can cry so loud that I have to stay far far away from him so that my ears not painful. Even at night, he can cry so loud that poor Muffy have to go out of the bedroom and sleep at the kitchen.... papa says his ear almost cannot hear also... *snigger*

oh... papa bought a new camera.. vewy big one. But he can take very nice pictures of Muffy.

Here is one of them

and here is one more..

cute right?

And here are some photos of the noisy kor kor...

He may be cute, but he is a devil.... Muffy better. Cute and adorable. *heh heh*

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happi Noo Year!!

Daddy and mummy told me todae is the noo year....yesterday is last day of 2008 and todae is first day of 2009. Funny right? How come people have this kind of noo year thing and make people count and count? To Muffy, one day is one day. Why new year lei?

Anyway, Muffy learn a new thing from Daddy and mummy: happi noo year!! *got more treats in noo year?* :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

papa and mama go out again

Hmm.... where is papa and mama?

On saturday, papa and mama woke up vewy early. Then they packed up many many things and bring me and Rhys to porpor's house. Mama said something like they are going out to Hong Kong and por por is going to take care of cute Muffin and noisy Rhys for the week...

*whine* why they don't want to take cute Muffin along? I gave papa the sad stare and papa said "Muffy, dogs cannot go overseas because the people there will snatch you and cannot come back anymore."

What? Cannot come back? nonono... I better stay in porpor's house and bully them.

Papa and mama better come back with many toys for Muffin or else I will bite their backside. *Grrrr*

Now I can bully gong gong and make him run around for me. *woof*

Friday, November 28, 2008


Muffin is not feeling well... For the past few days I have been pooing very soft poo and Papa have to clean up the floor everytime I leave a mess.... Sorry Papa...

PApa and mama also see that I look very tired the whole day. I feel tired because my tummy don't feel well. Hopefully I can get better soon so that I can run and jump around again.

Last time I had die-rea is when I eat something wrong... I forgot what I eat the past few days to make my poo so soft.... now papa only give me the dry kibbles until I get better... *whine* no more fishy and meat....

I go to sleep now... because I got die-rea the whole my asshole very painful. :(

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New baby

Remember papa said he want to take a picture of me and the new baby? Papa said his name is called Rhys... *hmm... can I call him Rhys or small papa?*

Here it is:

Who you sae is cuter? Me or baby papa? *me of course*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

kewl cut

my eyebows keep covering my eyes and my fur kept getting messy so I asked papa to bring me to aunty Rachel to give me a teddy bear cut. So papa bwoght me today to the pet shop and gave me a shiiok shiok cut and this is what I look like now. More cuter than ever. *woof*


Close up view of cute ME!

Me doing a paw paw to get my treats. hehe...

Looking steady and cute.

Papa said will take a photo of me and the new baby. I will try to look cuter than him. :)