Here Comes Muffin!!

I am a dog... surprised?

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Have not been doing muchie lately because Mummy got fatter and become more lazier and papa went out long long time again. Everyday I stay at the door waiting for him to come home but mama always tell me to go back to bed. *whine*

I just lay around, acting cute and having fun tricking grandpa and grandma to give me many treats. *snigger*

Todae I have nothing to do and came in here to update my blog. I got a nice surprise... YangYang has tagged me. I dunno what is tagged but papa told me its like adding my blog to the other doggie's blog. So other people can see me in when they are looking at other people blog too.... I dunno what is that and I am getting confused. *head spinning*

So asked papa to help me link up YangYang also so other people looking at cute muffin can look at YangYang's blog also. *wave at yangyang*

Hmm... YangYang looks like me. with all the cute cute look and curly curly fur. Is he related to me? Maybe I ask papa when he comes back.