Here Comes Muffin!!

I am a dog... surprised?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Play Time wif Cookie

Cookie's parents brought her home on Saturday and Mama saw that I looked very xian and tired after she left.

Well, we had a beri good time playing with each other, chasing each other around the house the whole day...well, actually, we have been doing that for the past few days.

But I always initiated the play 1st cuz Cookie super shy...I think she acts shy...

I only remember that both of us were beri tired after playing. Mama prepared a beri nice dinner for both of us: chix wif carrots and beans....nice... ...

Mama told me that Cookie's parents commented that she looked very tired and lack of sleep; cuz she slept shortly after she went home...just like me... ...if anyone were to play like us, and running about the house so carefree (Mama didn't even bother to scold us or anything; just let us have free play) for the past few days, you'll understand why... ...

Anywayz, on Sunday, Papa showed Mama the new toy he bought for me but she's not giving me to play *whine*...

She said to save it for Xmas as I have many toys already...But what's Xmas? I want my new toy!

I have tried to sniff around the bag where Mama put the toy and she knew tat I would want to dig it out to play. She has scolded me a few time for doing that...but I'll try my luck again when she's not attentive...hehehhe

Somehow I wonder, why CAN'T I lick my paws? Papa slapped my paws for the past 2 days when he caught me licking; Mama caned my paws when she saw me licking it too... ... but I just like to lick them.... but Mama complains tat my paws being smelly etc....*whine*

Last night, Papa and Mama drove me to Mama's fren's house. The lane was so pitch dark...when Papa got off the car, I actually cried out which surprised Mama...when she got out, I behaved like a frantic bear...well, the place is so dark that I can hardly see my Mama and Papa...scared scared... *whine*

Papa said I'm such a coward, no guts but Mama told him it's normal for me to behave this way cuz I never been to a pitch dark place before...when they drove back to our carpark and left me in the car, I didn't whine or anything...

Proven: I'm afraid of the, who won't?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New company for the week

I have been seeing Mama at home for the past few weeks and I love her company; at least I'm not that lonely during daytime and when night time comes, Papa can play wif me.

On Sunday, Uncle Daryl and Aunt Rachel brought Cookie over to my place *grrrr* as they are going overseas for 1 week. *Are they going to the same overseas Papa always go?*

To show kiki who's boss, I growled at her every now and then whenever she approached near to my toys and bone bone...But now I dun growl at her anymore because she already got the message.

But because of my growling, I kena whacked by Mama again *whined*. Mama gave Kiki and me some kibbles but I ate from KiKi's bowl instead, as I think her food must be better, although Mama told me it's the same.

When Mama replenished Kiki's bowl and put the bowl and Kiki within her gate, I was not happi and growled at Kiki while trying to use my paws to reach for the bowl of kibbles...Mama warned me a few times to quit it but I ignored and ended wif cane whacking. *Whine*

And Mama told me that I'm messing up the living room. Here's the picture Mama took tat explained why:

And that's only a portion of it. Mama gave up cleaning after my mess and let the toys lying around. But one thing she doesn't like is that I play wif Kiki's toys as well.

U see, I have a basket full of toys which Mama thinks it's more than enough to entertain myself but I still play Kiki's. Well, Kiki's not complaining so I see no reason why I cannot play hers. *woof woof*

Kiki is considered a nice companion, despite other things. Whenever Mama asked "Do you want treats?", both of us would run to her and promptly without cue, we would sit down patiently waiting for our treats like this:

Also, Kiki n I always sleep near Mama. Yesterday, she even slept on Mama's lounging slippers. How dare she! *grrrrr* Even I neber once do it cuz Mama's lounging slippers are not toy toy.. I even got evidence to show:

Grandpa and Grandmama are here thus I shall play wif them. Update later.