Here Comes Muffin!!

I am a dog... surprised?

Monday, June 30, 2008

Stuff from papa

Papa told me when he was oversees, he bought these things for mee....

Got a toy cat *Grrr*, got frwisbee *wat is a fwisbee?*, peanut butter *yummy*, pig's ears *suuper yummy*, some more yummies, and a treat bag to put all my yummy treats in...

I miss papa....can't wait to see papa... *woof woof*

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I become sheep..behh..behh

Today mama brought me to auntie rachel to make me cute cute again...

As usual, mama chose not to cut my messy fur so to see how long my fur will grow. After Auntie Rachel gave me the usual shiok shiok bath and some simple grooming, here is what I look like now...

Mama said I look like sheep... think i will start to go beh beh instead of woof woof... *giggles*

oh... I am not fat... i dun know why everwybody say I fat. Do I look fat? *look at mirror*

Maybe its all the good food grandpa and grandma feed me.... *giggles*

Come and check more of me next time to see if my fur grow more longer!! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

The days when Papa's not around

During my stay with my grandparents, everyday seems to be a bliss. Everyone loves me to bitz, and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

Let me see: everyday, I have at least 1 full apple, good feast for dinner, treats almost the whole day around, and I have grandpa who is more than willing to give me more treats so long as I act cute and be merry. Not too bad yeah? *doggie grin*

Well, Mama didn't think that way: she has been telling grannie and grandpa to cut down on the amount of treats... and I am being reminded numerous time to behave while Mama's not around.

Just last week, grannie told Mama about me not using the pee tray and peed all over the kitchen. In the end, Mama put me on the pee tray when she knew I had full bladder and needed to relief myself. Refusing to let me get off the pee tray, she watched till I could not hold out any longer and had to pee in it... *whine*

From then on, I got her message: peed only in the pee tray. And I did. *rubbing eyes wif paws*

Just yesterday, I managed to bully my grandpa. *woof woof*

He gave me an apple, which I only took a couple of bites. Not happy with my behaviour, he told Mama off for giving me chicken from her dinner plate when she knew I was about to have my apple.

Well, Mama knows me well enough that I'm picky with apples. When she ate hers (same batch of apples we were eating), she already the answer: the apple wasn't sweet, of cuz I wouldn't eat mine. Heck, she even bit a small piece for me to try and I spat it out.

Grandma took a small slice of Mama's apple and even she reacted the same way. She told my dad to prepare another apple (those that I was usually given) for me. Turned out I finished every single bite of it. *doggie grin*

That got Grandpa nearly into fits and chiding me for being so picky with food. Well, Mama reminded him that this wasn't the 1st time I reacted this way.

Can't I choose to be picky? After all, Mama seemed to be ok with my behaviour... but I dun know about Papa since he's not around to judge. But I think he should be agreeable too, after all, I'm still being a good boy.

But, before dinner, I was given a lecture by Mama and tried to be more cautious: my bad habit of licking my pipi seemed to come back and was caught red-handed by Mama. She angrily grabbed and sat me on her lap, forcing me to look into her eyes. *whine*

Mama said if she caught me one more time, she will make sure Papa knows about it and I'll get it from him...*whine* I dun want.... *hide under dining table*

I dun know when Papa's coming home but I'm sure my behaviour deserves praising. After all, I'm Muffin! *doggie wide grin*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where's papa?

I wonder where is papa...

I am brought over to Grandpa's house to stay for a few days and later Mama joined me.... I was looking at Mama and tried to ask her where is papa... *by using my cute cute look*

Everytime Mama ask me where is papa, I would look at the door and trying to tell her.. "I dunno"

Finally, she told me papa went overseas... again *erm...what ish overseas? something you can eat?*

oh.....i think he went out for long long time and brought back many toys for me.... *keke*

anyways... I will miss him and hope he bring some toys (and some munchies) back home where I can play with him again....

see ya papa!! *woof woof*