Here Comes Muffin!!

I am a dog... surprised?

Friday, November 28, 2008


Muffin is not feeling well... For the past few days I have been pooing very soft poo and Papa have to clean up the floor everytime I leave a mess.... Sorry Papa...

PApa and mama also see that I look very tired the whole day. I feel tired because my tummy don't feel well. Hopefully I can get better soon so that I can run and jump around again.

Last time I had die-rea is when I eat something wrong... I forgot what I eat the past few days to make my poo so soft.... now papa only give me the dry kibbles until I get better... *whine* no more fishy and meat....

I go to sleep now... because I got die-rea the whole my asshole very painful. :(

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New baby

Remember papa said he want to take a picture of me and the new baby? Papa said his name is called Rhys... *hmm... can I call him Rhys or small papa?*

Here it is:

Who you sae is cuter? Me or baby papa? *me of course*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

kewl cut

my eyebows keep covering my eyes and my fur kept getting messy so I asked papa to bring me to aunty Rachel to give me a teddy bear cut. So papa bwoght me today to the pet shop and gave me a shiiok shiok cut and this is what I look like now. More cuter than ever. *woof*


Close up view of cute ME!

Me doing a paw paw to get my treats. hehe...

Looking steady and cute.

Papa said will take a photo of me and the new baby. I will try to look cuter than him. :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mama giving birth

on fwiday, papa and mama went out and leaving poor Muffy back in the kitchen again. *whine*

Papa told me that Mama is giving birth to little baby. Is that what is in Mama stomach now?

When the little baby comes out, I will have a new friend. *yippee!!*

Some time later, papa came back and told me that he is not coming home that night because he will be helping mama to give birth. So Muffy is going to stay with Aunty Stephanee and ballball.

BallBall? I think I remember him... the white dog that looks like me. Hmm... he stayed with Muffy before and we fought before.... *Grrr...*

When Papa brought me over to aunty steph's howse, Ballball immediately ran out to greet me... We sniffed each other backside.. (that is how dog's greet each other) and I started to explore the new howse. I decided to mark a few spots to tell ballball I am here *hehheh*. Papa saw me and whacked me hard on my bottom. *whine*

Time passed very fast. Ballball tried playing with me but I boh chup him (because he tried eating my food). Aunty Steph dressed me up with some clothes. She took a few peekture of me.

That's ball ball. He likes to pose.

I am soooo tired.... I keep sleeping...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

sad Muffy

Papa kinda dowant Muffy to get near him. I donno why. Everytime I want to follow him around, he told me to stay. I used to follow him because I scared of being alone. Papa said its for my own good because he said I got separation anxiety... *huh? what is that? word so long...*

Now Papa and Mama keep putting me in the kitchen even if they are at home. I don't understwand why. I want to play with them everytime and want to follow them everywhere they go. I want to get massaged by them. *whine*

Everytime Papa and Mama go out, they will put me into the kitchen. I dowant to be alone because it is scary. especwally at night....

I scared of dark also.
I scared of boom boom outside the sky (Mama say its thunder... is the boom boom sound called thunder?).
I scared of loud sound
I scared of being alone.

When I scared, I pee and poo all over the place and don't want to play with any toys. I don't even want to eat and drink also.

Why I so scared? *whine*

But I not scared of people outside the door. I bark at them. But always got scolded by mama. :)
I not scared of flying things, and I like to eat them. *yummy*
I not scared of Grandpa and grandma becaouse I can bully them *heh heh*
I not scared of cats
I not scared of kiki.