Here Comes Muffin!!

I am a dog... surprised?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


ever since koh koh Rhys is born, papa and mama is busy taking care of him. Which means that they have less time for poor Muffy... *Whine*

luckily kor kor only comes back to papa's house only on Fwiday nite and going back to por por's place on Sunday night. When he is home, my poor muffy ears very painful... not because he pull my ear. It's because he can cry so loud that I have to stay far far away from him so that my ears not painful. Even at night, he can cry so loud that poor Muffy have to go out of the bedroom and sleep at the kitchen.... papa says his ear almost cannot hear also... *snigger*

oh... papa bought a new camera.. vewy big one. But he can take very nice pictures of Muffy.

Here is one of them

and here is one more..

cute right?

And here are some photos of the noisy kor kor...

He may be cute, but he is a devil.... Muffy better. Cute and adorable. *heh heh*